Elevator codes are a tricky. Each state and municipality may have a different requirement. In the State of Texas, TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) enforces the ASME A17.1 Elevator Code. It states that the pump in the

pit must provide a pumping capacity of 50 GPM per elevator cab. ASME also states

that you must discharge all fluid out of the sump pit which means that you can

not shut the pump down when oil is sensed in the pit. TDLR states that the

pump must run automatically without any human intervention.

TDLR also states that once the pump discharge makes it past the hoist way wall then

it is up to the local municipality to determine how that discharge is to be disposed of. Some municipalities allow you to send that discharge directly to the sanitary sewer. Some require an oil water separator or approves oil alarm system such


No matter where your local municipality says your sump pump discharge must be pumped to, we have a solution. We can offer a solution in any horsepower or

power selection that you may require.

We strive to help you learn the code and the solution in the most simple

manner possible.